Picture this…

My father Georges De Buck started out as a photographer back in the thirties. Growing up, little did I know that his company would grow out to become a major player in the field of photo industrial services. As a young man, I specialized in photogravure and worked closely with museums, art publishers and internationally renowned artists. At the turn of the millennium I found myself on a crossroad between technical expertise and aesthetic advice. Slowly my true passion for art was ignited. It was then that I turned a page in my life and committed myself fully to my own art gallery. I have been an art collector ever since. I buy and sell to whom it may concern. My son David runs the Gallery De Buck in New York. I am proud to work with him professionally. So take a look around. Should you see something that you like, please let me know and I will gladly open the doors of my private gallery for you in one of the most beautiful art villages in the world, Saint-Paul de Vence in France.

Lieven De Buck